$5.00 - $40.00
  • Commissions

A commission can be any number of things - basically, you pay me to make the thing you want me to make. If you have any questions about what you want to commission, email me at Here's your options:

GAME STREAM: You can pay me to play a specific game, if I already own it. (List of games here: This may take some time to get to, but I don't forget the games, I promise! (Right now I'm trying to get a second monitor for my PC to make it easier to stream those.) Streams are 5$/request.

VIDEO TOPIC: If you have a specific topic you'd like me to research related to games I'm already working on - like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, etc, then you can do so. If I've streamed it, it's fair game. Videos are 2$/one minute of content.

AUDIO: You can request an audio file of me saying specific lines or reading a specific work. I reserve the right to refuse if the work is offensive to me; and cost is based on how long the work is.