You're Not Here | Hardback | PREORDER |

  • You're Not Here | Hardback | PREORDER |

You're Not Here: The Story & Symbolism of Silent Hill 3

The third Silent Hill Symbolism book! Approximately 30k words exploring the story and themes of the third Silent Hill game, walking through it level by level and character by character, discussing topics that've appeared in SHS videos and new details. Original art and spooky designs themed to the SH universe bring to life an exploration into the artistry and haunting beauty of one of the best classic horror games ever made.

This is a PREORDER - the book is nearly finished, and I aim to finish it completely this month. Orders will start going out in October, as soon as possible, and I will keep everyone up to date on the timeline.

Preorders will receive free shipping in the US, and discounted shipping outside the US.